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The  simplest description of our charity is that we are a small charity having to do a huge charities job. That is not easy considering we rely 100% on donations and receive no government funding in any form.


Action Aid for Animals begun 5 years ago but under the name of Romania Animal Aid. As the interest in Romania and the horrific atrocities were made aware to the world more charities like us and groups begun to take an interest and supporting that country and the animals in need over there.


We realised there were many countries in Eastern Europe who needed our help, but unlike Romania though the number of strays, abuse, cruelty and sheer barbarity towards animals was the same, countries like Croatia literally had no one to help them.


Never being afraid of pioneering the way forward Romania Animal Aid decided to turn its focus onto Croatia, knowing that as we pulled back from Romania we left that country with hundreds of groups and charities now helping there. Our attention was needed in Croatia, and so as we did with Romania we started to build a network of volunteers/NGO's ( Non Governmental Organisations) that would become our eyes and ears over there. Allowing us from such a far distance away to have a positive impact through these important collaborations.


We had to wait until June 2013 when Croatia entered into the EU, action prior to this would have been pointless and our best efforts would have been thwarted by red tape and taxes when crossing the border.


On the very first day Croatia entered the EU a petition we had created and had been circulating had an immediate impact. The petition was to a local city hall where a citizen within its region had allow his starving horse to be eastern alive by his own equally starving dogs. The city hall had ignored the pleas of the local NGO's and closed the case. Our petition was reported in the local newspapers where the Mayor himself had reopened the case and the the perpetrator was now being investigated for animal abuse.


Since that point we have never looked back. We continued as we began in Romania, funding sterilisations, vaccinations, finding homes for rescued animals, collecting and distributing aid for the animals in such desperate need.


We also donated monies to rent land that has since become a sanctuary for the local street dogs rescued. There really is so very much we have accomplished already, but sadly there is still very much to still do.


We hope when you read through our News and see the huge amount of work we do and still to do that you will decide like so many others to join us and support our efforts in whichever way you can.


There really is just too much to add to one page of what we do in Croatia and also in other eastern European countries if we are able to help. So to keep updated with everything AAFA have done, are doing and are planning please join our FB page or alternatively check out our News page regularly.


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